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Lenovo Pre-Sales Advisor has a variety of features designed to radically shorten the process of accurately configuring networks, processors, memory, hard disk drives, power supplies and software in real time whilst knowing that only compatible components can be added to the build.

With daily updates to the product information, availability and RRP of currently existing and newly available products you are able to create a unique, well informed and up to date system.

Lenovo Pre-Sales Advisor is uniquely symbiotic in bringing together vendor, distributor, reseller and IT buyer for mutual benefit. If you do not want to build the solution yourself, you can call your local Lenovo Dealer as they have access to Pre-Sales Advisor and can provide help or talk you through the price or design a ‘live’ build.



Featured Products

Within Pre-Sales Advisor there are a couple of methods of advertising promotions. The front page has a list of featured products dependent on the country you are in; each family has specific Top Seller models; some models are displayed with a flag identifying that they are focus models.



Pre-Sales Advisor has been adapted for several cultures and 60 countries around the world, meaning that the interface and language of the site has been converted to open the site up to several non-English speaking countries.


System Advisor

Each and every Lenovo system can be custom configured to your specific requirements. You can increase memory, add processors and upgrade warranty – any configurable area of a system can be changed with prompts along the way for better understanding of the particular system..


Literature, Reference and Education

Each system and product within Pre-Sales Advisor has an extended specification for further information regarding the system you choose to build. As well as the individual extended specifications, Pre-Sales Advisor boasts a wealth of rich content material for your reference and education.


Build Solutions/Systems

Pre-Sales Advisor has been designed with speed and convenience in mind, from the moment you are logged in to the tool there are a multitude of systems to begin configuring.


Product Search

Pre-Sales Advisor uses an advanced searching tool which allows you to enter a specific part number or base unit part and will return with a variety of information regarding which models can configure this part or which local distributors have this part in stock.


Pre-Sales Advisor Login Features


Your Solutions

Access with Pre-Sales Advisor Login

Pre-Sales Advisor allows you to configure both BladeCenter chassis and Blade servers. After building and saving a BladeCenter chassis and your Blade servers, you can combine these to a single solution in Your Solutions.



Access with Pre-Sales Advisor Login

Within Pre-Sales Advisor the ToolBox contains methods of accessing your saved builds and solutions.

Lenovo Pre-Sales Advisor

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Business Partners

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Pre-Sales Advisor
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