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Pre Sales Advisor Tool has been designed with speed in mind. From the moment you logon to the tool, you have several choices to select a system to build. If you want to build a server, the easiest way is to select a family from the quick start menu. Once you have selected a family, you are able to use the ‘Learning about products’ drop down menus. Alternatively you can select either redbooks or other technical documents to outline in depth features and specifications of your system.

All of this has been designed for you to access quickly and easily – possibly while on the phone to a customer, saving you from trawling multiple websites, it's all in one place. These useful sales features allow a novice user to confidently explain the features and benefits of a Lenovo offering.

Once you have selected your desired family and chosen the model you wish to build, click build this system. If your selected model does not have stock in the channel, you will be warned before you build, at this point you will be then given a selection of alternatives that are all in stock. This will prevent you from building a base unit that is not in stock.

As you progress through the builder, you will be preventing from making invalid selections. Pre Sales Advisor will only allow you to add compatible components in appropriate quantities. Should you wish for further information on any option, you can select more to view a more detailed product description and the stock availability figures.

Once you are complete, you are able to send the build to either a distributor or Lenovo. You can also export it for your own use into either CSV, XML or Excel formats. This functionality means you can select a system, learn about its key benefits and advantage over rivals, build a quote, safe in the knowledge all the options you have selected are available in the channel, then using your companies header template, have a complete guaranteed to work configuration ready for your customer in under 10 minutes!


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