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Continuing the our long running theme of making it as easy as possible for users to source, build and learn about Lenovo products, Mercato Solutions has now introduced the Microsoft Productivity Tools. These tools are add-ins for Word and Excel, which allow excess to Pre Sales Advisors extensive product catalogue, product images and all of the other data that is harnessed through this tool.

Once downloaded, you are able to install easily and simple instructions show you how to allow add-ins for both Word and Excel.

These tools are ideal for preparing quotations for customers. You can very quickly import product images and descriptions without having to scour the internet and copy and paste them into your quoting template. Not only can this infringe on copyright laws, often you will not find data that is easily formatted.

Once this has been completed, you have a fully bespoke, professional looking quote, with your company header and footer as well as all of Pre-Sales Advisors rich data at your disposal.

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