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IBM Pre-Sales Advisor is a user friendly approach that empowers end user IT buyers to build and configure a solution that meets their needs. It enables users with rich levels of information on IBM systems in a user friendly guided fashion.

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Once a user has configured their solution, it is automatically forwarded to their local dealer. This enables the channel to focus on responding with the best price and quickest delivery schedule rather than consuming time building and configuring solutions themselves. This frees up channel representative’s time to focus on other business.

As the end user IT buyer has taken control of the accurate build process, IBM Pre-Sales Advisor removes the risk of returns from the channel. More accurate solutions delivered faster with less risk.

In making it easy for end user IT buyers to build and configure their own bespoke solutions, it will drive more business faster to the dealer network.

However, for pro-active Resellers and Distributors looking to ‘up the ante’ on selling bespoke systems, why not get a login to IBM Pre-Sales Advisor, which offers considerably more functionality than the end user IT Buyer tool.

Resellers and Distributors can for the first time, learn, build, price and source, bespoke IBM solutions in a “live” environment for mid-market customers from a position of knowledge based strength. IBM Pre-Sales Advisor Tool is a support facility in-line with existing links you retain with,, SSCT, cog.

IBM Pre-Sales Advisor is uniquely symbiotic in bringing together vendor, distributor, reseller and IT buyer for mutual benefit. It helps everyone work from accurate and reliable product data that directly delivers faster, more accurate and so higher net margin sales. It’s never been easier.

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